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Wcheung's Section

Click here for the best page to set as your homepage! Get instant access to google, yahoo mail, gmail, fun puzzles, city maps, etrade links, and beyond. THE best page on the site. Well coded. 

Jubi's Section: Calm of the Storm

Click here for an online encyclopedia, dubbed Calm of the Storm. Offering a broad but detailed range of all your favorite subjects, including Dancing with the Stars, video games, Dynasty Warriors, recipes, Halloween costumes, and etc. 

Kylie's Section: The Myurian Quest

Click here for the Myurian Quest, the one and only site about the lost land of Myuri,made up by the webmaster. Learn about the characters, read the epic, and more! What are you waiting for?

Phoebe's Section: Corner of my World

Click here for a mini blog, complete with info about family and a great story, as well as amusing quotes from our everrday life.

Janet's Section: Recipe Haven

Click here for a huge network of admirable coooking recipes.


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  • Dark Eclipse - Fanlisting for the relationship between Orochi and Da Ji of Warriors Orochi

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