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Wcheung's Area
This site has links to websites on certain subjects. It's a must-see site, and it has a very nice layout.

Jubi's Area
This area is very general. It has pages that the owner made herself on almost every subject imaginable. Check it out!

Phoebe's Area
Nice little part with stories, arwork, and information about the entire family. Drop by it for a visit.

Kylie's Area
Nice little online library...full of sweet little books...great reads.


The Cheung.com's Purpose

    Basically this is a gigantic website, divided into five areas. Each area is managed by a member of the Cheung family. The areas are all on different subjects, but the Cheung in charge of the page can decide which subject the page will be about.


     Thecheung.com is a non-profit website. We, do however, ask that you check out our products (see Janet or Jubi's area for complete list).

Site Policy

    Thecheung.com is not very strict, as we want all our viewers to be pleased with our site's contents. But we ask that you do not copy our ideas, layouts, or any of our ORIGINAL work.


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